Re: OT - Turn off Windows 10 automatic updates?


There's a rumor that Microsoft will be closing out a lot of users.... er, "subscribers"....  sometime in 2017 if they don't pay their annual windows subscription fee.  If true, that will be an interesting development.  And it kind of looks like MS has the capability to do that in W10, with the "unstoppable" means to shut down Windows starting to be mentioned.  Wonder how much the annual subscription rate will be.....

73,  Jerry K3BZ

On 12/14/2016 4:04 PM, ART SEARLE w2nra@... [dxlab] wrote:
Thanks to all for the responses.  I was pretty sure you couldn't turn it off.  Thanks for the confirm.

BTW I've been using it for a while now.  No trouble before but recently an update changed my default sound card to my Yaesu FTdx3000 sound card (that I haven't used in months.  And this past weekend it closed all my open programs for an update. Also I was planning to start contesting again.  How do I do that if W10 is going to close me out.
73, Art, W2NRA

On Dec 14, 2016, at 02:18 PM, "'Charles R.Tropp' charlestropp@... [dxlab]" wrote:


Sorry for the misunderstanding. If you already have Windows 10 running, then the free program is not for you. Better to reschedule at more convenient time.

73, Charles N2SO

Treasurer, Quarter Century Wireless Association, Inc. 

On Wednesday, December 14, 2016 1:53 PM, "'Charles R.Tropp' charlestropp@... [dxlab]" wrote:


Hi Art,

Many have used this free program. I have it running on my windows 7 machine and it keeps it clean of windows 10 problems.

Check it out.

73, Charles N2SO

Treasurer, Quarter Century Wireless Association, Inc. 

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