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Gerald Wilson

Thank you Dave,

Bottom Line: That got me through the update process successfully.

Parenthetically:� As I recall somewhat foggily, I have been through the manual update process at the LotW site before.� After that, the TQSL, , process seemed to work for several updates.� This time, I went off the rails again.

That website's warning which says, "Do not run the TQSL Installer with Administrative Privileges!" is a bit alarming.� On this machine, the only one I use for LotW operations, I only have one account which has administrator privileges.� I have not invoked (or otherwise right-clicked) any options for running the update as an administrator.� Anyway, I guess I was confused when I went directly to TQSL, , and could not successfully complete the update process.

Thanks once again for your excellent, effective, and most timely help.

73 with appreciation,

�� Jerry��� K7VIT���� (A thankful DXLab Suite user since late 2003.)

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You must manually update TQSL to version 2.3 by following the instructions here:


Dave, AA6YQ

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I am certain this is not a DXKeeper issue, but I am confident someone here knows the answer to my issue.

When I open DXKeeper for an LotW QSL operation or when I start TQSL, I am informed that there is an update available, (V2.3).
Presently, I am using the following:

TQSL V2.2.2 build (v2.2.2)
TQSL library V2.5
Configuration data V10.4

BTW DXKeeper V 13.7.7

When I request the TQSL update, there's a slight delay after which TQSL quickly reports an error and then closes so quickly I cannot
read or determine if the error statement contains any helpful information. All LotW operations seem to continue to operate
satisfactorily as usual. It seems only to be the update that fails, and I just keep getting notifications to update. This has
occurred for about the last week.

I am running Windows 10 Pro (1607) with plenty of RAM and free Drive space. I am using the administrator account and have not had
any "apparent conflicts" with my malware defender.

Thanks in advance for any helpful information.

Jerry K7VIT

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