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The correct URL for ARSWIN is

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This release

- supports rotators controlled by ARSWIN (see

- logs the contents of the Prefix texbox (presumably a callsign) in
DXKeeper (if running) when you depress the CTRL key while clicking the Go
button, or while striking the Enter key in the Prefix textbox.

The second feature requires DXKeeper 1.2.5 or later. If DXKeeper's QSO
Capture window is visible, then the contents of DXKeeper's Prefix textbox
overwrite the contents of the QSO Capture window's Callsign textbox.
Otherwise, they overwrite the contents of the Callsign textbox in
main log window.

If you've already installed DXView, you can upgrade by downloading - store it in your DXView
folder and execute it; you can then run the extracted DXView129.exe . Your
online help will be updated by this process.


Dave , AA6YQ

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