DXKeeper & LotW Upload Dupe Dilemma

Gerald Wilson

Dear Dave and others,

I need some help with a problem I have encountered.� I am using DXKeeper 13.7.0, and I recently did the TQSL configuration update.�

This evening I imported 540 QSO's to my DXKeeper log.� I received a report that there was one Dupe.� That was a RTTY QSO during a contest when when a person worked me twice within a short period of time.� That Dupe (i.e. 2nd QSO) was not entered into my DXKeeper log, and that Dupe does not appear in my QSL Queue.

I attempted to upload the QSOs to LotW.� The upload aborts giving the following feedback:

TQSL reports the following:
TQSL Version 2.2.2 [v2.2.2]
Signing using Callsign K7VIT, DXCC Entity UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

1 of 540 QSOs are duplicates; aborted
No records to upload
Final Status: No QSOs written (8)
DXKeeper reports the following:
"No QSOs were uploaded to LotW---no QSOs were processed because some QSOs were duplicates or invalid."
As stated above, the one QSO reported upon import as being a Dupe is not in the log.� There is no indication as to which other QSO might be the duplicate or invalid problem entry.� I have tried to visually scan the QSL Queue but have not found the problem yet.� On the other hand, I am not sure exactly what is the problem.� No QSOs are listed when I click on the "Broke" button.

Thanks in advance for any help or clues you can provide.�

Jerry��� K7VIT

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