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Hi Dave -

I had a PC issue yesterday, causing the loss of about 15 Qs. I'm sure that I did at least two backups, but none were available in the backup folder.

What backup files are present in the Backup folder whose pathname is specified in the "Backup folder" panel on the Configuration window's Log tab?

I added the Qs using information from Clublog and LOTW, and my log is up to date.

A number of the Qs have an audio recording in the designated folder, but the link is not in DXK. How can I add the information so that I can right click in DXK to play the audio?

On the Configuration window's Log tab, check the Details box in the "Log Panels" panel. This will make the Details panel visible on the Main window's "Log QSOs" tab; you could also accomplish this by checking the Details box to the right of the QSO panel on the Main window's "Log QSOs" tab.
In the Details panel on the main window's "Log QSOs" tab, there is an "audio file" box just above the large comment box. In a QSO whose "audio file" box is empty, double-clicking in the "audio file" box will provide a file selector that you can use to navigate to the file containing the QSO's audio; double-clicking on the desired file will populate the "audio file" box with the appropriate pathname and close the file selector. If you double-click in an "audio file" box that specifies the pathname of an audio file, your system's standard "audio player" will be invoked to play the contents of the audio file.

Dave, AA6YQ

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