WW & Capture window Pwr fields

Jim N7US

I’d like to request that consideration be given to moving the Pwr field in the WinWarbler window to be below the CQ zone.


I like to use WW to enter QSOs and seldom use WW for contesting.  I do frequently change my TX power, either using my K3 by itself (“barefoot” as it used to be called) at 100W, or with one of my two amplifiers, at either 500W or 1500W.  I like to record the TX power with each QSO.


Relocating the field would enable me to reduce the height of the window by one row, saving screen space.


For those times I use DXKeeper’s capture window, which is really nice, I’d prefer to have the IOTA and pwr fields swapped.


Incidentally, I change the default power in DXKeeper to whatever power I use in a contest before I import an ADI file, but I must be doing it wrong because it never works correctly.  I have the substitution option in Import QSOs checked to substitute default transmitter power for missing TX PWR, but I always have to correct the power in imported QSOs.


73, Jim N7US



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