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Jim N7US

Thanks, Iain.  I did all of that except for removing my network card.  I understand that the pre-anniversary edition will continue to be updated.


The computer is now six years old, so I can replace it if I eventually need to.  I just hate to “invest” the time doing that.


Thanks, again.


73, Jim N7US



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This may be interesting (no personal experience - Google just found it):



Seems like another good reason not to buy Dell, though ;)




    ~iain / N6ML



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I am running Windows 10 Version 1500 (OS Build 10586.589), which includes several updates.  I tried several times, including using the Media Creation Tool, to upgrade my 2010 Dell Studio XPS 8100 to the anniversary release but it wouldn’t work.  I called Microsoft Support, who referred me to Dell, who told me the computer, an I7 with 8GB of RAM, wasn’t compatible with it – really.  The error message was 0xC1900101-0x20017.


Fortunately, DXLab and all the other programs are working fine.


73, Jim N7US



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If you already have a version of Windows 10 installed you can go here

and get the anniversary release. I suggest writing it to a flash drive or burning it to a DVD so that you have a copy of it. I put it on a flash drive and did a clean install a couple of days ago because it got messed up after backing out an Insider Previews release.

Rich, W3ZJ


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Thanks again, Dave.  Had been working fine with Win 10.  Must have been one of those sneaky updates that undid it.


Well, will try again to get the Anniversary Edition.  Tried a few weeks ago and got the dreaded Windows  update 0x80070057 error.  What a DO LOOP!!  Gave up in frustration.


Thanks as always for the fast help and advice.


73, Tom


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