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Bart AA7VA

Dennis -

I took a quick look at "Mypanadapter" web site, and it appears that it is simple USB dongle RTL-SDR running HDSDR program, while it appears the radio specific part is only in the signal feed he is using to the SDR, ie, where he is getting the antenna feed from. 

There are many of us using this combination as pan adapters, my own system using a G4HUP buffer/amp installed in my Yaesu FT450D for the required signal and using "com0com" as the soft link between DxLabs Commander, the Yaesu and the HDSDR pan program.  That portion of it has been well documented, I believe even by some on the DxLabs group.

If you can get the signal to your SDR, then the rest is easily constructed with the generous help of the many fine people on the DxLabs, on the HDSDR and on various SDR Yahoo groups that are available.

Go for it!!! It is one of the best things you can do for your radio and hobby enjoyment, and the linkage with DxLabs is transparent and works magnificently.

Bart aa7va

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