Re: Anniversary Update fixes a DDE issue in previous publicly released version of Windows 10

Jim N7US

I'm trying to install the Anniversary Update but got a weird error message after the installation, which did not succeed.

The error message was "The installation failed in the SAFE_OS phase with an error during the BOOT operation," with an error code of 0xC1900101 - 0x20017. Based on Google searches, I have a driver problem, which I can't find, even though I've been using V1511 OS Build 10586.494 just fine.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

73, Jim N7US

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AA6YQ comments below
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When I first updated to Windows 10, the Excel VBA DDE scripts I had added to the SWSkeds group Combined SWL spreadsheet stopped working. These scripts not only would sort the sheet in various ways, but would interface that spreadsheet with DXLabs to tune the radio, even interface with PropView for prediction and DXView for rotator turning. After the initial Windows 10 upgrade, execution of these scripts would just make Based on information here I assumed it had to do with DDE issues in Windows 10, but since I wasn’t running any Insider edition I wasn’t quite sure if that really was the problem, and just never had the time to do any real troubleshooting. Well it seems with tonight’s Anniversary Edition upgrade the script and the DDE functions are working again!

It required escalation to an Executive VP, but yes, Microsoft made DDE work correctly in the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition.
Now if Yahoo can just make messages to groups be posted in real time...

Dave, AA6YQ

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