PropView 1.0.6 is available

Dave, AA6YQ <dhb@...>

This is a defect, Joe -- PropView's Transmitter Latitude and Longitude are
not being properly initialized when DXView is installed. This has been
corrected in PropView version 1.0.6, which can be obtained by downloading
and running -- place the
extracted PropView106.exe in your PropView folder, and then run it.



Dave, AA6YQ

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I have installed and operated PropView with DxView. It is working quite
well for me but I have one quirk that may be caused by something in my
setup here but I thought I would bring it to your attention.
Initally, in
Propview parameters I insert my Transmitter latitude of 41.3 and
of 87.28. It appears correctly as 40 30' and 87 28'.... all works well
with the program. Then if I quit the programs and reboot them, in the
propview parameters my Transmitter latitude comes up 0 30' and Latitude
0 28'. on DxView chart, my location is correctly indicated at the south
end of Lake Michigan as it should but I find that to get correct
computations I must go back to the parameters of Propview and correct the
transmitter latitude and longitude .... after doing so all works well
again. Then if I quit the program and reboot it, again the parameters of
the Transmitter location are missing the degrees numbers ...showing only
the minutes. I have uninstalled the program and reinstalled with
the same

Do you have any thoughts? I am running Windows 98 on a custom AMD K6
350mhz with 128mb of RAM.

Thanks ... 73-Joe,K9BH

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