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I will definitely use the recording capability at least occasionally. I use the Capture window so it's always open and available. It's a useful feature... in fact, when you need it, it's indispensable... that doesn't happen often, but when it does... most serious DXers will know and appreciate.

Thanks, Dave

73.....Jerry K3BZ

On 7/24/2016 9:10 PM, ' Dave AA6YQ' [dxlab] wrote:
By default, the Capture window's new Audio button is disabled. Based on the survey conducted last month, about a third of you will use DXKeeper's new audio recording capability, and I didn't want the other two thirds to be inadvertently initiating an audio recording when you were intending to log a QSO or clear the Capture window.

Instead of disabling ("greying out") the new Audio button when the "Audio Recording Configuration" window's Enable box is unchecked, DXKeeper could

- leave it enabled and visible (and thus responsive to hovering) but display a message saying "not enabled" if you inadvertently clicked it; you'd then have to dismiss the message by clicking an OK button, so I doubt this will be popular

- make it invisible (and expand the Capture and Log buttons to their original width - "like it never even happened").

Comments? Better ideas?


Dave, AA6YQ

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never mind, read other posts''


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