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I've been using the web server for years, mostly using my Android devices to keep an eye on my 'needs' list. I've never had a problem until this week. A few days ago Android devices started showing "This site can't be reached" on my phone and tablet. I figured the PC had rebooted but no, when I went to the shack everything was running just fine.

To make a long story shorter, and after some trial and error, I have it working again. For what it's worth here's my findings.

The only way I can use my Android devices is to use the IP address, in this case Using the computer name doesn't work. I've only tested this with Chrome so it could be either Chrome or the OS I guess. I also have three PC's on the network, they work as expected and can connect with either the IP address or the computer name. I also tested on my wife's android phone and it required the IP to connect as well.

I don't know the reason, just thought I'd pass this on and maybe save someone else some frustration for someone else.

Give the IP address you're using, I assume that your Android devices are connected via WiFi to the same network to which the machine running SpotCollector is connected (as opposed to accessing the internet via their cellular data connection). Did your Android devices recently download and install an update?

Dave, AA6YQ

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