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Dave... what version of DXK does the new Capture window format with the red Record button begin with? I have 13.5.2 installed, and the Capture window doesn't include the Record button.

I notice I have Launcher 2.0.6 and in the header the date of my Workspaces (11-30-2015) is shown. Is that the problem? If so, should I just update my Workspaces date?

Is it "normal" for the Available app versions shown in Launcher Config to stop advancing as of the Workspaces date?

73.....Jerry K3BZ

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I just recently updated DX Keeper to the newest version. I notice a square between the “log” & “clear” functions. What is this button for?

Controlling the recording of audio, as described in

Is it possible to get rid of it?

No, but if you're not planning to record audio, leave it disabled and it will be harmless.

Dave, AA6YQ

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