Workspaces Problem


On my DXLab Launcher window, below the 7 application buttons, the workspace is designated by:

WS: 11-30-2015 which is the correct designator for the workspace currently in use... the only workspace I have.

In the lower left of my DXLab Launcher Workspaces window, the path to my Current Workspace Folder is shown as:

C:\DXLab\Launcher\Workspaces\11-30-2015 which appears to be the correct path.

However, the large box in the upper left of my DXLab Launcher Workspaces window is empty.

Shouldn't it display the name of my one current workspace as: 11-30-2015 ??

So far I don't notice anything operating incorrectly.... except there is a notice in my DXLab Launcher window header (see Errorlog) and there is an errorlog folder in my C:\DXLab\Launcher\Workspaces folder.

What (if anything) should I be doing about this?

73.....Jerry K3BZ

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