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Jim N7US

Needed Marathon spots are now shown with an M in the Needed column of
SpotCollector but they aren't highlighted in a font color, and they aren't
included when I click on the Need button.

73, Jim N7US

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AA6YQ comments below
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I have changed my CQ Marathon objectives in DXKeeper so only Mixed is
checked; originally I included CW and Digital. SpotCollector is still
showing spots as needed for the Marathon for CW ("not worked, sought").

Can I do something so only spots for needed/unworked countries are shown in
red when I have the Mrthn box checked in SpotCollector?

Or am I misunderstanding the settings?

When you change your award objectives, you must direct DXKeeper to
Recompute (button at bottom of Main window's "Check Progress"
tab) and then direct SpotCollector to Recompute (Configuration window, "Spot
Database" tab, Recomputation panel).


Dave, AA6YQ

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