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Yes...the previous iterations of DXView, SpotCollecter, and WinWarbler all failed to survive the Win10 debacle... that is, when Win7 was recovered and Win10 was banished, those 3 apps (and a few other non-DXLab-related apps) were missing.* The 3 DXLab apps had black circles in Launcher... I didn't think to check to see if their folders were still there with files, etc. I just pushed their buttons in Launcher Config's Action column to reinstall them, and at first DXView's window was missing most if not all of it's settings and its info boxes were empty. With DXView, I followed your directions to get it reinstalled... but with SC and WW I just hit the buttons and they reinstalled without difficulty. (Note that I do not keep Propview or WinWarbler enabled, so their status lights in Launcher config are usually red... Spotcollector is usually kept on and is green) After DXK, DXV, PF, and SC were displaying correctly, DXV had regained its normal appearance, settings, and info.

*I don't think anything was "deregistered". I think it's possible that the professional tech that I had fix my machine after my unsuccessful attempt to return to Win7 may have inadvertently uninstalled the 3 missing DXLab apps and the few other apps I "lost" in the process. If he did, I consider that a small price to pay as a consequence of my error that allowed the Win10 "update" to install automatically.

One last question for this situation: I want to be sure my current workspaces are properly installed in all DXLab applications. In Launcher\Config\Workspaces there is a button in the "All DXLab Applications" box labeled "Load Settings from Workspace". Can I accomplish my goal with that button? If yes, what should I expect to see happen after I press that button ?

Bottom Line: aside from the workspaces question, everything seems to be OK now... if I run into any more problems I can't solve, I know where to find help.... right here. What a great feeling that is... again, thanks very much.

73.....Jerry K3BZ

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I can't recall ever making a registry entry before, so I was a bit nervous. Your instructions (as usual) worked perfectly, Dave, and I received the notice in a RegSvr32 window:

"DllRegisterServer in MSWINSCK.OCX succeeded"

after which I was able to load and open DXView as before. Just great, Dave, thank you.

I'm especially grateful considering my suspicion that this had little intrinsic relationship to DXLabs, but was rather a Windows problem.

No DXLab application has the ability to direct Windows to "de-register" any component. How this "spontaneous de-registration" occurs, I don't know.
There is one small question left: having done this with DXView, how do I now invoke my saved Workspaces file to install the settings I was previously using ?

I don't understand, Jerry. Is this related to the MSWINSCK.OCX issue? Have you lost your DXView settings?

Dave, AA6YQ

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