Commander Slider control question

Bart AA7VA

I use Commander with my Yaesu FT450D and it works incredibly well.  One of the big quirks with the 450 is that the power output is deep inside a menu system, so I have a command sequence to set up different power levels, specifically 3 that fits my needs most of the time.  When they don't (like going down from 5 which is all the way down, to 10 watts max for JT65) from my 15 watts preset for some digital modes to keep the finals cooler, is there any way to define the sliders Label string as a variable with data pulled from the radio rather than going through the menus if I want to know exactly where the power is set?
Most of the controls I preset to chosen values when programmed, which is great, and the radio LCD shows levels of things like DNR, Clarifier level, etc. but with the power output there is no radio display of it and I would like to see what the radio's feedback via polled requests tells me.
Is this possible and if so, how?

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