QSL Printing Problem

Barry Priddy

After I installed DXKeeper on a new computer and got it set up, I can no longer print 5.5" x 3.5" QSL cards.  I have QSL Configure set as follows:  width - 5.5"  height - 3.5"  side borders - 0.5"  top border - 0.25".  When I click on print preview, the bar at the top of the page shows:  width - 3.185"   height - 5.232"   left margin - .0"  top margin - .0". 

Before the print preview displays, I get a message that says "specified card width is too large (maximum is 3.864722 inches)".  I have my Canon MP470 printer set for a custom page size of 5.5" x 3.5".  If I set the card size to 6" x 4", the print preview looks normal.

I was able to print directly on my 5.5" x 3.5" QSL cards using the same printer and QSL configuration shown above on my previous computer.  I think something must have gotten corrupted during the DXKeeper install.  Would reinstalling DXKeeper help, and how would I do that without having to reinstall all DXLab programs?

I would include a screen shot of my print preview page, but this refelector doesn't allow attachments.

Barry Priddy - K5VIP

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