Underhanded MS


I thought I had resolved my long-standing problem with LotW uploads not working properly, and I had made an LotW upload successfully. I was continuing to test it and suddenly, one morning, I discovered that somehow Win10 had been downloaded and installed, something I had been carefully avoiding. Investigation revealed Win10 had been disguised as an update and was installed under my (foolishly trusting) set-up allowing automatic download and install of Windows updates. Needless to say, I was NOT amused... but I soon found out MS had done this with many others. Apparently MS had also provided a way to go back to Win7... as long as I did so within 30 days. I followed the provided instructions but somehow it not only didn't work but seemed to completely crash the OS.... Win10 / Win7... whatever it was. A friend in the business was kind enough to fix it, revert it back to Win7, and remove the capability for this to happen again. I, of course, switched to manual approval of all future Windows "updates". I will never again trust Microsoft.

All seemed well until I discovered a few programs had probably become corrupted in the process described above... including nearly all of the DXLab apps.... but I do have backups of my log and workspaces that I believe are OK. Some other programs this has happened to seemed to only be responsive to uninstall / reinstall, which I am happy to do but I seem to recall some advice given here NOT to do that. Would that be because there may be remnants of the corrupt apps still nesting in the registry... that may cause even more problems on the reinstall? What is recommended? Should I uninstall with Revo Uninstaller and have it clean up the remnants? Or use a registry cleaner like CCCleaner (never used it, but have been told it's good???)

Note: In trying to boot DXView, I get a window saying:

"Component 'MSWINSCK.OCX' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid."

PV, SC, and WW DOTS in Launcher are black... while cmd, dxk, dxv, and pf DOTS are red. In Launcher Config, PV, SC, and WW are listed in red in the Application column, and do not show in the Installed column.
73.....Jerry K3BZ

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