Resolution of an unwanted program starting with DXLab modules

Jim N7US

I finally solved my problem with Roxio CD Creator trying to start each time a DXLab module started.  Roxio came with my Dell computer in 2010, and I don’t think I ever used it.  I had tried and tried to uninstall all Roxio remnants, but I was still getting a pop-up that a Roxio certificate file was missing, preventing the uninstall.


I tried several suggestions I got from Google searches about Roxio, but none worked.


Having nothing to lose, I downloaded Roxio from Dell and did a new install, hoping I could then uninstall it with Windows.  That didn’t work, as I still got the error message about the Roxio license file when starting DXLab.


I eventually found Revo Uninstaller Pro ( that offered a 30-day free trial.  I installed that and used it to uninstall Roxio, selecting the most through file and registry cleaning option.  IT WORKED! 


I have no idea why Roxio affected DXLab modules, and it did the same to a couple other programs, but I am relieved to be rid of it.  Maybe my experience will be useful to others.


73, Jim N7US



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