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Larry Knain

FLDigi also copies CW. I tried it a couple of times for grins but have not done a serious trial of it. I think there is also a bridge for it. It can also copy/send many digital forms.

73, Larry  W6NWS

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and don't forget CW decode (and send) via Multipsk which interfaces seamlessly with Commander .  The "QRP decode" feature works well.  Alternatively,  CW Skimmer is the very best at decoding and you can sync with Commander  and Winwarbler for sending CW.

Andy K3UK

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I have run CWGet and the bridge on Win8.1 and Win7 without incident in past couple of years. I don't run it often as I am also a longtime CW op (50+ years).

73, Larry W6NWS

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> 3. you can run the application CWGet and a "bridge" developed by Dick W3OA to enable WinWarbler to display the CW decoded by CWGet:
> <>

I would like to run this but I worry when I see things on the page
like "You will need the Visual Basic 5.0 runtime environment on your
computer" (with an URL that has "win98" in the path) and "Testing on
a Windows 7 computer produced mixed results. "

Is this no longer actively maintained? Is it safe to use?

Yes, this does work. And, as far as I can tell, it is safe. I have been testing several PSK/RTTY/CW software over the past 30 days, on Windows and Linux. I found Linux was too limiting in what I could test with, so I went to Windows. In my shack I have a HP G62 laptop with 4 GB memory that was upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 Home. I finally decided that DXlab makes the best use of the available machines.

While I don't really need a computer to copy CW, as I have been a CW operator for 50 years. But I have always been interested in having a computer decode CW, for all of those years. Just this week I tried installing CWGet and the "CWGettoWinwarbler". When I first tried it, I received an error, because I did not have the "Visual Basic 5.0 runtime environment" installed. I then downloaded and installed the EXE. linked to on "". Once I did that it worked fine.

"CWGettoWinwarbler" assumes that CWGet and Winwarbler are already running when you start it. If you start "CWGettoWinwarbler" manually you should get a message in Winwarbler that the connection was successful. I added both to the Launcher configuration to "Apps started after DSLab Appa". So far, it all seem to work as advertised.

My first attempt on making a computer send and receive CW was about 30 years ago using my Commodore 64. I used it while I was living in Germany and operating as DA2EU. I still have the interface, but the computer died a long time ago.

Martin - K7MEM

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