Re: Running DX Keeper makes my PC clock run fast

Peter Laws / N5UWY

W3HCF's group at the University of Delaware created the network time protocol and still maintains the reference implementation of a client (which can be a server, too).  Unfortunately, the information about Windows at doesn't get much past Windows XP.  The progression of Windows' native time client had been good, though, with XP's being almost useable and 7's being OK (as I recall).  Hopefully, the progression continued into 8/8.1/10 but I don't know.  

Easiest thing to do is to not even futz with it and get Meinberg's client at 

Meinberg also has a GUI to control the client and provide some monitoring if you are a time geek:

Just get a real NTP client, point it at some servers ( and don't worry about time again.
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