Re: IC-7300 Video

Bart AA7VA


Thanks Ron for posting, even though I use a Yaesu FT450D, it is fascinating.  I also appreciate that Commander handles things I like to change regularly without going through the menu's.  The one clumsy thing he did was to use separate buttons for each power level where the programming example I copied has one button cycling through those I use most with the slider configuring everything in between.  I also assume it would not be too hard to program one button as a 'tune' button to set all parameters correctly, like the minimum power out plus CW mode and trigger the Tune function.
I use another one that cycles through the Mic parametric adjustments for best voice, muddy conditions and one for DX/very noisy band conditions.  And there are so many other functions that are now programmed for one 'button' selections.
This is just one of so many features that puts DX Labs far above any other multi-purpose ham radio program -  Thanks Dave!

Bart Van Allen

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