Logging in to eQsl & LOTW problem

Bart AA7VA

I can log into eQsl and LotW in my web browser no problem, but in the QSL/LotW or QSL/eQSL tabs under Operations section I get the 'Attempt to connect ... Cannot Connect ...' error while using the Sync buttons.
I assume it has to do with virus or malware protections but not sure where to go, what to turn off.  Should popup blocking be turned off?  Is there something I have configured incorrectly?   My contacts Upload to either Qsl manager functions properly so I am lost now.  I tried logging in to them prior to sync'ing and still no luck.
I have searched the Wiki as far as I know how for an answer.
Win 10, all concerned programs and databases up to date, have tried using it before with the same problem so I have kept my eyes open in the Groups messages for this topic, just now getting to really want it to work.

Thanks all -


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