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Jim N7US

I started with uninstall from Control Panel.  I have searched for Roxio, Sonic, and Adaptec files and have deleted them, as well as going through the registry and using a registry cleaner.


I followed documentation from Dell, since Roxio came on this Dell computer in 2010, for uninstalling it, but I still have the problem.


The problem started a couple of months ago.  I never use Roxio.


I’ve used Malwarebytes to no avail too.


I didn’t find a good contact for Microsoft Support.


Since the problem isn’t with DXLab, maybe anyone with suggestions can email Larry (lknain@...)  and me directly rather than on the reflector.  Thanks.


73, Jim N7US



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I have one of those issues as well that I haven't chased down. One of my laptops was about to die so I migrated several apps from the laptop to a desktop. DXLab wasn't supposed to be migrated but the migration tool did it anyway. Now when I start DXLab on the desktop it tries to start a Windows media app. The desktop is not the shack computer so I haven't done anything about it yet and I don't often run DXLab on the desktop. The migration tool folks have not responded. But it is interesting that the original post and my situation both involve media apps.

73, Larry  W6NWS

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>>>8P9RY comments below


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I understand this isn’t a DXLab problem but an unwanted program, Roxio Easy CD and DVD Burning, starts each time a DXLab module starts.


I’ve uninstalled it but it still persists. 


>>>Then the Roxio application has not been uninstalled.


Does this mean I have a registry problem?  


>>>Unless someone here knows how to configure Windows to stop doing this, I suggest that you contact Microsoft Support.




            Dave, 8P9RY

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