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Alan Swinger

Thanks, Joe. The item I read w/ your name was on the Elecraft users grp site and dated 2012.

Thanks - /aan

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> Makes sense to me . . . but seems different from a Joe Subich (W4TV)
> suggested set up I read.

*Which* suggested set-up attributed to me did you read?

There are two equally valid options. The one described by Elecraft
is good for any software that regularly polls the K3/P3 combo as long
as the computer is running. The other own uses Commander's Secondary
CAT Serial port and a special cable connected to the SteppIR DATA OUT
port works with the SteppIR protocol and any transceiver supported by
Commander (not just the limited transceiver protocols supported by


... Joe, W4TV

On 3/7/2016 2:21 PM, awswinger@... [dxlab] wrote:
> After a recent Win7 reload, found w/ the help of Elecraft that I need to change to a new KUSB cable (w/ Chip set) serial to USB cable along with new Driver. Looks like this makes the Commander Comm Port "Comm 6" which in the past has been Comm 3 or 4 depending on which computer I used. Any issue for Commander & Launcher?
> I have used the SteppIR "Y" cable to connect the P3/K3 with the SteppIR controller and Y base (stem of Y ) to the computer via the serial to USB cable. The Elecraft Tech staff says that base of the "Y" (new connector or I hope still the SteppIR Y) should connect to the P3 PC Port and the new KUSB serial to USB goes from one branch of the Y to the PC, while the other branch connects to SteppIR controller. (P3 and K3 connect with a separate cable). Makes sense to me . . . but seems different from a Joe Subich (W4TV) suggested set up I read.
> Thoughts appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Alan K9MBQ

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