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Andrew OBrien

Thanks Dave.

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>>>AA6YQ comments below

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Within DX Keeper CTRL /Click SYNC LoTW QSOs

>>>If that operation did not report ~5000 instances of "QSO not found in log", then you evidently submitted duplicate QSOs to LoTW. The QSOs received from LoTW will be located in DXKeeper's Databases folder in a file named


(unless it's been overwritten by a subsequent "Sync LoTW QSLs" operation).

>>>You can create an empty new log file in DXKeeper and the import LoTW_QSLs_ADI.txt with duplicate checking enabled to see exactly what's present in the downloaded file.

>>>Don't forget to switch back to your "real log" when you're done investigating...


Dave, AA6YQ

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