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I have no problem with the names as they are.

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I think the proposal below is excellent, but would appreciate feedback from the user community before I re-title the buttons on the
Launcher's Workspaces window and update the documentation to match.

Comments, concerns, and better ideas are welcome.


Dave, AA6YQ

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Workspaces might be easier if the terms were more familiar to users:

Create Workspace ---- > New Workspace
Update Workspace ---- > Backup Workspace
Activate Workspace ---- > Restore Workspace
Delete Workspace ---- > Delete Workspace

New, Backup, Restore and Delete are all terms that most users are familiar with.

The mouseovers would provide additional details.

Just a thought. I've had trouble explaining Workspaces to other users, and it's indispensable.

Good DX and thanks!

73 Parker W5ADD

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