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Nuno Lopes - CT2IRY

My .02 cents.

If Create New Workspace would fit good, if not Workspace could be shorten to WS.
So Create New WS, Backup this WS, Restore this WS, Delete this WS

Since the WS already appear on Launcher window when you've workspaces create.

73 Nuno

On Sunday, February 7, 2016 9:43 PM, "Danny Douglas n7dc@... [dxlab]" wrote:

In my mind, "create" indicates I am to make something new.  "New" means to USE something new or different., like it was already there for our use.   If there were room, "Create new workspace" would make more sense.

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I think the proposal below is excellent, but would appreciate feedback from the user community before I re-title the buttons on the
Launcher's Workspaces window and update the documentation to match.

Comments, concerns, and better ideas are welcome.


Dave, AA6YQ

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Workspaces might be easier if the terms were more familiar to users:

Create Workspace ---- > New Workspace
Update Workspace ---- > Backup Workspace
Activate Workspace ---- > Restore Workspace
Delete Workspace ---- > Delete Workspace

New, Backup, Restore and Delete are all terms that most users are familiar with.

The mouseovers would provide additional details.

Just a thought. I've had trouble explaining Workspaces to other users, and it's indispensable.

Good DX and thanks!

73 Parker W5ADD

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