Re: Install DX Lab Suite from scratch ?

Andrew OBrien

No idea why my files disappeared, it was DX LAB  and a couple of other applications. Option 2 is where i will start
Andy K3UK

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Since the problem a couple of weeks ago where DX Lab files seemed to disappear, I'm trying to get things re-installed. I tried to uninstall things first via Windows Control panel but Windows could not find the uninstall files. Using DXLAB launcher , I tried to install things again but the basic install files do not appear, so DX Lab launcher tells me there is nothing to upgrade. . Where to i find the base exe files for the DX Keeper, Spotcollector, etc ? I did not see them on the web site.

>>>When you install a Windows application, its presence is indicated by various settings in the Windows Registry managed by Windows. If an applications's files are deleted without first uninstalling, then the Windows Registry settings remain in place, leading Windows to believe that the application remains installed. The Launcher cannot install an application that Windows says is already installed.

>>>There are three solutions:

1. replace the missing files from a backup

2. use a "Registry Cleaner" application to remove all vestigates of the application whose files were deleted; if done correctly, Windows will no longer consider the application uninstalled, and the Launcher will be able to re-isntall it

3. save everything important from your C: drive, wipe you C: drive, re-install Windows, and then re-install your applications

Have you determined why your files disappeared?


Dave, AA6YQ

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