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Dave AA6YQ

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Subject: [dxlab] Spot Collector Windows not showing Zero

For a while, I've noticed that the individual Spot Collector windows are not showing zeros. A frequency of 14045 displays as 14 45. I tried changin the font in the spot Collector Configuration Spot Database display (that's the panel that opens when I click on CONFIG on one of the Spot Windows), but that only changes the Spot collector main window font.

Can you tell me what I have set incorrectly? I have four Spot Windows, and the problem is the same on all of them.

If you're referring to SpotCollector's "Spot Source" windows, they displayed received text using the "Courier New" font. Around the time this problem first began occurring, did you replace or update this font in Windows, or did you install an application that did so?
On the Configuration window's General tab, do you have the "Show 0 as slashed-zero" box checked?

Dave, AA6YQ

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