QSL log panel checkbox

Chris Codella

I'm having a minor problem getting DXKeeper to keep the QSL panel checkbox un-checked.  If I uncheck it in the "QSL" checkbox in either the Log QSOs tab or in the Config window, it goes away fine.  But then if I quit DXKeeper and start it back up, the QSL panel checkbox is checked again and that panel is displayed. 

This also happens when I log a new QSO using the Capture window - it re-checks the QSL panel box. Actually it doesn't re-check it upon opening the Capture window - it does so when I enter a new call sign and hit the tab key to populate the fields. 

This also happens when I try to log a new QSO by hitting the "New" button. I click it and bang - the QSL panel reappears and its check box is re-checked.

I've searched through the documentation to see if I've missed some configuration settings but came up dry.  Sorry if I'm missing something obvious.  Can someone please suggest something?

This doesn't happen with any of the other panel check boxes.

I'm running the most up-to-date versions of the DXLab appliacations under Windows 10.

Thanks, 73,
Chris, W2PA

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