Winwarbler , DDutil, CW Skimmer ?

Andrew OBrien

I pay very little attention to Ddutil which works efficiently in the background.  I noticed recently the check-box that says "Winwarbler" under the CW Skimmer area. It seems that this populates calls from CW Skimmer to Winwarbler (CW, I presume) .  I filled in the check boxes, made sure the Telnet port in CW Skimmer was activated but no CW calls move from CW Skimmer to Winwarbler when I click on them.   Anything place I should start to troubleshoot  ?  I know I can achieve essentially the same thing sending skims to Spotcollector and then to Winwarbler, but I thought I would check and see what the DDutil feature is about.
Andy K3UK

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