Re: SpotCollector filter setup


Hi Dave,

Thank you !
It's a little bit better now...

With the "Need" key, only SSB and CW   DX  appear in the Window.
I also set a 30 min. Age filter to look only the last 30 min. DX stations.

Then, I try 2 special  SQL filters:

1.    <needfilter> or len(tags)>0

This filter display all DX in the database (with FM, RTTY, JT65, PSK63, etc.) but I'd like to have only SSB and CW in the result.
Another problem: the "Age" key have no effect :(  I see all DX sation in the database.

Then I start "Log debugging information" option to look what's happened with the "Need" key.
I copied the SQL code for the "Need filter" and add at the end, the    len(tags)>0    option :

2.   (Needed like '*L*' or ((BandSought='Y')and(BandProgress='U'))or((BandSought='Y')and(BandProgress='W')and(BandWorked<>'Y'))or((ModeSought='Y')and(ModeProgress='U'))or((ModeSought='Y')and(ModeProgress='W')and(ModeWorked<>'Y'))or(CountryProgress='U')or((CountryProgress='W')and(CountryWorked<>'Y')) or (IotaProg='U')or((IotaProg='W')and(IotaWB4<>'Y'))) AND ((BAND='?')OR(BAND='80M')OR(BAND='40M')OR(BAND='30M')OR(BAND='20M')OR(BAND='17M')OR(BAND='15M')OR(BAND='12M')OR(BAND='10M')OR(BAND='60M')) AND ((MODE = 'SSB') OR (MODE = 'CW')) AND TRUE AND TRUE AND (Hidden = 'N') or len(tags)>0 

With the filter number 2, it's OK I look only SSB and CW and also Tagged Special Callsign.
But same problem with the "Age" key:  no effect :(

In another debug, I look that the "Need" key and then the "Age" key add this:   AND (LASTTIME > (DATEADD("n",-30,'2015-12-29 09:21:50')))  for the Age filter.

But with my 2 personnal filters, this   AND (LASTTIME > (DATEADD("n",-30,'2015-12-29 09:21:50')))  is not added.

What do you think about this ?


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