IRC & Comcast modem

Bob - W6OPO

The IRC connection fails to continue after it says “connected” and since I moved on to Comcast for internet access.


About a week or so ago I moved from Verizon DSL to Comcast and using their cable modem for internet access.  There lies the problem.  Only by lowering the security level to Minimum will IRC log on and work.


I don’t like having the firewall in the modem set to Minimum.  There is a Custom option that allows selective blocking.  What among these does the IRC channel need?


The Custom says:


LAN-to-WAN: Allow all

WAN-to-LAN: Block as per below and enable IDS

     IDENT (port 113)

Block http (TCP port 80, 443)

Block ICMP

Block Multicast

Block Peer-to-peer applications

Block IDENT (port 113)


What does IRC need among the list above?



Bob – W6OPO

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