Single Label Print.... I give up :-(


Having a Brother QL-570 Label Printer. Loaded with a roll of Labels (62mm width, 29mm height).
Format is recognized. Prining address labels using MS Word or the Label applications works.
Now, QSL-Config:
Single QSL Labels:   Label height 29mm, label width 62mm. QSL and Bureau Info unchecked

Printer tab: QSL Labels and address labels:
   Printer Brother QL-570,Size 62mm x 29mm, Source normal

Printer settings (OS): Same as in Printer tab. Made sure, height is displaye with 29cm

Now trying to print a few qsl labels, DXlab alway complains:
Specified COlumn 1 offset is to large (max. is -39,05178mm
Having a looh at the Proeview page, I notice 22,8mm width and 68mm heigth. Exactly the opposite.
No way to change this format. Even changing the orientation into Landscape on the Printer setup does not work.

Any hints are greatly appreciated. I'm running out of GLobal QSL qsls and do have some 2000 fresh ones around :-)

73, Peter DK5DC

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