Re: Monitor real estate?

Bart AA7VA

2 monitors -  one 22" wide screen and an older narrow screen (same height as 22" but no room for a larger second one, they sit on top of a shelf above the radios as it is) - I love that dropdown Taskbar - it is my friend!!!  If you can't remember which window you need, then Win10 preview of it makes it all better - still wish I could do 3 wide screen ones, but this will suffice for DX labs, whatever secondary digital program I am running (JT65-X !!!) AND a "pan adapter" like HDSDR, PowerSDR or the like.  Just hoover over the right one at the Taskbar and it is quick and easy to see which one to bring to the front.  But, I did move SDR# and UniTrunker to an old computer -

Bart Van Allen

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