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OK that did the trick to get the config window up from Pathfinder in my case.  There is no Windows Icon on the Windows task bar, and I did some head scratching, and finally read the whole page, noting the:
  1. terminate all DXLab applications except the DXLab Launcher and the application to which the missing window belongs
  2. along the bottom of the DXLab Launcher's Config window, click the Reset button

    at the bottom of the instructions. 

    That solved the problem but not the quesiton as what is happening with QRZ.COM asking from me to sign in, every time I try to use it. I checked the config page and my sign in info is good.  I enter it manual on the qrz page, and it comes up with just my callsign and tells me I have to sign it.  I dot that again, and what comes up is not my page, but web page with their home page on it.   If I then sign in again, I eventually get my N7DC page and all the info.   But, if I turn right around and put someone elses call in the box, it once again wants me to sign in.   Sign in, and here comes the web homepage again.    ARRRGH.  They definitely have changed something

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Well, interesting. When I do a click on the CONFIG box, it blinks- but the normal (whichever the last page selected-- buck, qrz, etc etc, page continues to show up. Doesnt appear to try to approach the config page. User name and password boxes do not appear, so cannot check them.

>>>You can recover the Configuration window using these instructions:


Dave, AA6YQ

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