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After I upgraded to Windows 10, upon opening DXView for the first time, a window popped up asking about about how a certain file extension should be opened in the future. Unfortunately, I don�t recall the extension (only that it was something I hadn�t seen before). Since DXView would not run until I cleared that window, I told Windows 10 that extension should be opened with DXView.

Now DXView opens and runs correctly, until I exit it. When I run DXView again, Launcher shows dxv as red, and a window pops up saying that DXView is already running - even though it appears not to be running, but it is listed in Task Manager.

After I clear that �ghost� DXView in Task Manger, once I load DXView I still get the message that it is already running, and again there are two instances of it in Task Manager.

Dave, what types of files can DXView open, so I can attempt to change the association?

In the context of a Windows "file association", in which Windows associates an application to use when opening a file of a particular type (denoted by its file extension) -- e.g. when you double-click on a file in Windows Explorer -- DXView is incapable of displaying any file type.
Googling "File associations Windows 10" produced no "how to" information, but did reveal that there were defects in this functionality being corrected this spring. This article provides information relevant to Windows 8.1 that might be helpful:

You could also try searching for "File associations" in the Windows 10 Help. You should be able to view a list of file types and the application associated with each. When you find the file type whose associated application is DXView, direct Windows to remove this association.

After that's sorted, I would reboot Windows 10. Hopefully that will clear the other behavior your report above.

Dave, AA6YQ

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