DXView after Win10

Sebastian <w4as@...>

After I upgraded to Windows 10, upon opening DXView for the first time, a window popped up asking about about how a certain file extension should be opened in the future. Unfortunately, I don’t recall the extension (only that it was something I hadn’t seen before). Since DXView would not run until I cleared that window, I told Windows 10 that extension should be opened with DXView.

Now DXView opens and runs correctly, until I exit it. When I run DXView again, Launcher shows dxv as red, and a window pops up saying that DXView is already running - even though it appears not to be running, but it is listed in Task Manager.

After I clear that ‘ghost’ DXView in Task Manger, once I load DXView I still get the message that it is already running, and again there are two instances of it in Task Manager.

Dave, what types of files can DXView open, so I can attempt to change the association?

No error logs are found.

73 de Sebastian, W4AS

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