Re: Kenwood TS 50 computer connection

Mike - AA1AR

Hi Kevin,


I made a USB cable for a friend in the local club who has a TS-50.


It’s an FTDI pre-made cable; I just needed to attach the appropriate connector.


$20 for the parts (plus tax & shipping) from Digi-Key.  Here are the part numbers:

768-1069-ND --- CABLE USB SERIAL USER CFG IO LVL --- $19.45

455-1129-ND --- CONN HOUSING ZH 6POS 1.5MM --- $0.15

455-1130-1-ND --- CONN TERM CRIMP ZH 26-28AWG --- $0.34  (minimum order of 10 @ 0.034 each, you only need 6)


I’ll need to dig up which color wire goes in which position, if you’re interested…

I use an FTDI cable with a 6-pin DIN plug on my TS-690S.  Working great for several years now.


73, Mike – AA1AR



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does anyone have experience controlling a Kenwood TS 50 by computer, either with DX Lab suite software or others? My main question is what hardware is available to make the interface. The original Kenwood parts, IF-10D and an IF-232C, are no longer sold. I did find a UK company that claims to have a device and cables that will allow the TS 50 to communicate with a PC. Anyone have experience with this product or others you could recommend?

Thanks for your help. Fairly new to amateur radio and this is my first HF rig.



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