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Norman Heyen

OK, fair enough. So where should I have entered the county names? In which box in the DXKeeper Capture window should these have gone?


Like I said, this is completely new to me. But just not sure where I should have entered the 4-character County code?


This was a practice test, with 20 contacts there isn’t much chance that I’ll influence the results in any fashion. Getting IL from MI isn’t hard to do…


Thanks again,



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>>>AA6YQ comments below

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I also have a problem generating the Cabrillo file for the MI QSO party.

First, I've never tried this before so am probably missing a step. Probably an obvious step.

>>>The most important step is the one stated at the beginning of


"Making a few test QSOs before the contest and verifying that a proper Cabrillo log can be generated is strongly recommended."

>>>The next most important step is to consult the contest's entry in the table in the above URL to see how to record the exchange:

"In State QSO Parties, the TX Exchange should be set to a state, country, or state-and-county abbreviation per contest rules"

"In State QSO Parties, the recorded RX# item is assumed to contain both a received sequence number and a received state, county, or state-and-county abbreviation. These two sub-items can be immediately adjacent, or separated by one or more spaces; DXKeeper will properly separate them for use in generated Cabrillo records."

When I started, I selected the Contest checkbox in DXK, then went to the configuration panel and selected the MI_QSO_Party template

While I gathered a handful of contacts, the TX# auto-incremented and the county filled in the DXK Capture box and I changed the county if the OP was in another county. All looked good but I have no idea what it should have looked like.

Got my ~20 or so contacts and went to generate the Cabrillo file

First, how do I select the contacts needed? When I went into the Export QSL tab, it generated all of my contacts. Easy, Open the file in Notepad and delete the stuff that doesn't apply. Obviously wrong, this would be harder if I had more than 1000 contacts to deal with.

>>>Filter the Log Page Display to contain only the QSOs made during the 2015 MI QSO Party, e.g. with


Second, the file doesn't have the county names in the output. The last column is the RX# of the QSO partner. So not a useful log to submit.

>>>From your description, it appears that you recorded the full county name in each QSO's County item. If that's the case, there is no automatic way to append the required county abbreviation to the sequence number recorded in the RX# item.


Dave, AA6YQ

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