Re: Cabrillo file for MI QSO Party

Norman Heyen

I also have a problem generating the Cabrillo file for the MI QSO party.

First, I’ve never tried this before so am probably missing a step. Probably an obvious step…

When I started, I selected the Contest checkbox in DXK, then went to the configuration panel and selected the MI_QSO_Party template

While I gathered a handful of contacts, the TX# auto-incremented and the county filled in the DXK Capture box and I changed the county if the OP was in another county. All looked good but I have no idea what it should have looked like.

Got my ~20 or so contacts and went to generate the Cabrillo file

First, how do I select the contacts needed? When I went into the Export QSL tab, it generated all of my contacts. Easy, Open the file in Notepad and delete the stuff that doesn’t apply. Obviously wrong, this would be harder if I had more than 1000 contacts to deal with.

Second, the file doesn’t have the county names in the output. The last column is the RX# of the QSO partner. So not a useful log to submit.

I’ve missed something along the way but have no idea of what.

Thanks for the great program, I use it for day-to-day rig operation and logging and submission but this escapes me.



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Subject: [dxlab] Cabrillo file for MI QSO Party

I worked the MI QSO Party this past weekend and am trying to generate the Cabrillo report.
The report contains all of the required data except for the "tx info (my county)" and the "rx info (the contacts county, state or country)". The data is in the QSO record in the contest panel but I am unable to get it to print on the report.

Please advise how to get it to print on the report. Thanks.

John, N8WNA

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