WinWarbler 8.2.1 is available

Dave AA6YQ

This release

- doesn't display transmit frequency tone markers when operating in RTTY FSK (tnx to Bob KB1JZU)

- only saves RTTY soundcard and external modem transceiver modes to the Registry if they've been initialized

- notifies the user if the selected RTTY soundcard or external transceiver mode is not specified

- if an optimal RTTY offset box is cleared, doesn't automatically set it to 2210

- removes leading or trailing spaces in the Station Callsign, Operator Callsign, or Owner Callsign when resolving a macro
substitution command or logging a QSO

- in CW mode, prevents the F4 key from initiating transmission (tnx to Salvatore I4FYV)

- ensures that the Callsign in the Main window's "QSO Info" panel is colored to reflect "need" (tnx to Chris NJ5N)

- ensures that all boxes in the Main window's "QSO Info" panel default to the "MS Sans Serif" font (tnx to Salvatore I4FYV)

- when responding to a double-clicked Spot Database Entry, properly initializes the "QSO Info" panel's "Ant Path" selector (tnx to
Salvatore I4FYV)

- responds to a double-click of the word 'Grid' to the left of the QSO info panel's Gridsquare box by directing DXKeeper to filter
the Log Page Display to display all QSOs with a matching grid square, ignoring any sub-square (tnx to Mike W3QT)

- provides a WPX box in the Main window's "QSO Info" panel that displays the callsign's WPX prefix; double-clicking the word 'WPX'
to the left of this box directs DXKeeper to filter the Log Page Display to display all QSOs with a matching WPX prefix (tnx to Mike

- offers DIGL and DIGU transceiver modes when Commander's primary transceiver supports them

- on the Main window's "QSO Info" panel, highlights a Special Callsign in bold font with the specified color when DXKeeper and
DXView are running (tnx to Chris NJ5N)

- increases the speed at which Shift-F10 removes the Windows menu

- provides a <delayedxcvrsequence> macro command (tnx to Joe W4TV)

- notifies DXView on startup so its Progress Grid's mode can immediately be highlighted in bold green font (tnx to Brian G0VAX and
Nuno CT2IRY))

- updates the Logging.htm, LogSettings.htm, Macros.htm, and SoundcardRTTYSettings.htm documentation files

WinWarbler 8.2.1 is available via the DXLab Launcher or via



Dave, AA6YQ

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