Re: SC startup problem

Mike - AA1AR

Assuming the sh/dx portion is working ok, shouldn’t there be a slash between “wwv” and “36”?

73, Mike – AA1AR


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>>>AA6YQ comments below

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For a number of reasons, I haven't been active in the shack since Christmas, except to update new versions of apps and databases. I was up here the other day, and noticed that even though my initial cluster command reads "sh/wwv36<13><10>sh/dx/200<13><10>set/dxgrid", the WWV part of the SC window is not updating. To get the correct WWV report, I have to open the appropriate spot source and send the command directly to the server. (I use W1NR.)

>>>Is the Enable box in the "Initial Cluster command" panel checked?


Dave, AA6YQ

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