Re: DXView

Dave AA6YQ

Versions of DXView earlier than 4.0.7 did not depend on data or services from WinWarbler, and thus did not display a WW in their title bar when WinWarbler is running.

DXView 4.0.7's Main window's "Progress grid" highlights WinWarbler's "Operating Mode", so on startup, DXView 4.0.7 establishes interoperation with WinWarbler (if WinWarbler is already running).

No public version of WinWarbler informs DXView that it has started, so DXView's "Progress grid" will only highlight WinWarbler's "Operating Mode" if WinWarbler was already running when DXView started. This requirement will be eliminated by the next version of WinWarbler, which is imminent.


Dave, AA6YQ

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