Tim Vandagriff

I am trying to submit my CQ WW Contest Log in the Cabrillo format....

I cannot seem to get all the information required......

Here is one entry from the file

QSO: 28019 CW 2014-11-29 0105 WA5YOM        599        JM7OLW        599

This is what is required...I

                          --------info sent------- -------info rcvd--------
QSO: freq  mo date       time call          rst exch   call          rst exch   t
QSO: ***** ** yyyy-mm-dd nnnn ************* nnn ****** ************* nnn ****** n
QSO:  3799 PH 2000-11-26 0711 N6TW          59  03     JT1Z          59  23     0

I can't get the correct format with the exchange.....

So.....I have not sent in a log before..


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