Progress window

Richard B Drake


When I click on a callsign in DXKeeper, obviously I have worked
the guy, but the progress window does not always indicate any
contact with his country. Also, I have worked 3G0Y 8 times on
80,30,20,10 meter CW, and 10, 15 meter SSB. The progress window
shows only an F in CW and 40 meters. DXView shows that the prefix
is CE0E. So I entered that in the filter window and clicked DXCC
it came up with another station on Easter Island that I had worked
on 40 CW but nothing for 3G0Y. I did a recompile in the progress
window but nothing changed. Also, when I do a DXCC Summary, it
shows 97 countries worked and 96 confirmed. Logger, which has a
duplicate of the same log shows 252 countries worked and 52
confirmed which is correct. There are just short of 5000 entries
in my log dating back to November 1999. Most of the entries in
DXKeeper were imported from Logger.

73, Rich - W3ZJ

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