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Tim Vandagriff


Connected direct through USB port

LPB2 is directly connected to Com Port 3....the Virtual Port 4 is connected to Commander,,,

Commander is set up on Com 4...

Nothing is on the Secondary port of Commander....

NAP3 Freq display is very smooth and directly reflects the display of the FTDX5000..

50MS helped but is a little jumpy


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+++ more AA6YQ comments below

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LPB2 is the Virtual port driver used with NaP3 and Lpan-2

I installed the above software last weekend.....just noticed today that Commander is not sure when this occurred...

NaP3 tracks fine....

Interval in Commander is 500

+++ The default "Command interval" is 200 ms; many modern transceivers can handle 100 ms, if not 50 ms.

+++ What make/model transceiver is Commander controlling?

+++ How is Commander connected to the transceiver it's controlling?

+++ Do you have NaP3 connected to Commander's Secondary CAT port, or is Commander somehow competing with NaP3 for access to your transceiver?


Dave, AA6YQ

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