Re: Icom RS232 interface from KG7SG

Dave Bernstein <dhb@...>

No problem, Tom. Lets pick a time this weekend to get together in
real time via HF or landline and we'll walk through the interface
with your meter. Please send me a private email suggesting times that
work for you.

By the way, how are you powering your interface? If its via the RS232
port's modem control signals, you might start by verifying that the
interface has power.


Dave, AA6YQ

--- In dxlab@y..., "Tom Brouard" <stagehand@h...> wrote:
Hi Dave,

Thanks again for your help. I realize that this is sidetracking you
your software projects but you are the only one that I know that
the interface.

I have done all that you suggested already with no results. I have
tried the
message window as well with no results either. The Radix is at
Receive message box is checked as well.

I do not have a scope but I do have a meter.

Thank you

73 de KB2VNB

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The radio sends data

- if its "CI-V Transceive" setting is on, and you change
frequency or
change modes

- in response to a query from Commander

If you didn't set "CI-V Transceive" to "on" (using the 746 menu, as
described in the manual), then you must configure CI-V Commander to
continuously query the radio by checking the "Continuous Frequency
and Mode
Interrogation" box in Commander's General configuration tab

Alternatively, you can set "CI-V Transceive" to "on", in which case
continuous queries are unnecessary

If neither of the above configurations results in Commander
displaying your
radio's frequency and mode, let me know and we'll take the next
step - which
is to check the message window.

Just in case: do you have a scope or meter?


Dave, AA6YQ

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Subject: [dxlab] Icom RS232 interface from KG7SG

I am running CI-V Commander version 1.2.2 using the KG7SG
interface I just
made. I am able to control the ICOM 746 via the computer but I
am not
to receive any data from the radio.

I have double checked all wiring and software and radio config
no luck.

I am still suspicious that it is in the wiring but I am hoping
that it is
something simple in the software or at the radio that I may have

Suggestions from any is gratefully welcomed

Thank you

73 de KB2VNB

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